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… in people’s lives, and in the community you live, by giving ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ to those in need.

We’re working on poverty, hunger and homelessness in your community. Join with us – register to give just less than £1 a week – and …

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A hand up, not a handout.

Restoring dignity and choice to those who struggle, providing low cost food, reducing food waste.

A new project in Old Colwyn, Pensarn and in Rhyl – and in partnership with a local church – we provide food to the a growing community of people with low budgets, helping them make their money go further. We’re not a food bank, and we hope to reduce the ever-increasing demand and reliance upon the local food banks.

For a membership fee of £3.50 a week, each member collects up to £15-worth of food a week.

For further information about the FoodShare projects, read more!


Helping to alleviate fuel poverty

One of our main initiatives, starting in 2017, is to establish a FuelBank. This will help families who are in fuel poverty facing a crisis situation as they cannot afford to pay for their electricity or gas.

Our aim is:

  • to deal with the initial crisis situation, topping up their electricity and / or gas;
  • to help establish ways of helping them budget better in the future to avoid similar situations.


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HOPE Community Net

Because we don’t want anyone to slip through the net.

Benefit Delays/Sanctions ~ Children ~ Clothes ~ Elderly People ~ Food and Heating ~ Fresh Start ~ Housing ~ Ill Health ~ People with Disability ~ Struggling with Bills/Debt ~ Unemployment ~ White Goods and Furniture

We value community; we value all members of the community – all people – regardless of differences. We are all unique – but we are all people – and we are all part of the community; we’re in it together – Helping Others, Promoting Equality!

What do you need help with? If you have a specific need – for example, if you are on a low income and need a new fridge, cooker or domestic appliance, we may be able to help. Just click the button if you need our help.


We want to hear from you

If you need help, tell us what you need and how we can help you. What would make a real difference in your life right now?

If you want to help, get in touch to tell us what you would like to do, when and how!

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Our Mission

To make a real difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live, by giving ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ to those in need.