Frequently Asked Questions About being a HopeGiver

Please bear with us as we develop the HopeGiver platform. We realise that it’s nowhere near perfect yet! There are many features that we are working on improving and streamlining, and making the HopeGiver experience as welcoming and as hassle-free as possible. If there are any features you feel that are in need of improving or developing, please let us know.

What is a HopeGiver?

Being a HopeGiver means that you organise or support a project that makes a difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live. That’s our mission, and we achieve that by offering you support – to set up projects, or to support projects yourselves.

Whether you want to support a one-off project, or want to be a regular HopeGiver, you need to register with us – just so that we can track your donations. You can, of course, donate anonymously if you wish, and we will not pass on your personal or contact details to the project owner if you don’t want us to.

For Project Supporters

Your support can be a one-off donation, or we would love you to join us as a regular HopeGiver! Visit our page here to Be a HopeGiver for just under £1 a week – which is the same as £4.32 a month.

Either way, you can click the button found on the page for any project that says “Back this campaign” or a similar button. This will take you to a page to register and donate.

For Project Owners

Once you have registered as a HopeGiver you can add your own project in order to raise funding support. Just visit the page to Add Your Project and follow the instructions. 

Please note that this facility is in early development. All projects are subject to approval by an administrator, which may take a day or two. We hope to streamline and speed up this process as we become more established.

Have any other questions?

Get in touch with us, and ask! Use the form below to contact us:

Contact Form under construction. We aplogise for the inconvenience. Please with any questions you have. Thank You!